Guided Meditation – Settling the Body, Speech and Mind in their Natural States

This is a 15-minute guided meditation in which we engage in the practice of settling body, speech and mind in their natural states. This practice is a wonderful preparation for any meaningful endeavour and can be used as a meditation in itself or as a preliminary practice to a longer meditation session. The purpose of the practice is to settle the body, speech & mind with the three qualities of relaxation, stillness & clarity. By practising in this way, our mind will settle, and it’s luminous, peaceful, blissful and non-conceptual nature will reveal itself.

Why You Should Meditate

In this episode, Dassetu answers the question ‘Why Meditate?’ and explains why everyone should meditate. When we first try to meditate, we notice that our mind is all over the place. This experience shows us how little control we have over our mind. Having so little control over our mind is the reason why we experience negative feelings and are not able to be happy. Meditation is more than just a fun way to relax, it is essential if we want to experience our deepest wish which drives our day-to-day life – the wish for lasting happiness and freedom from painful feeling.

Overcoming Anxiety and Worry

In this episode, Dassetu explores anxiety, worry, and stress – how they arise in our mind, how we can overcome them, and some practical tips for what to do about any anxiety and worry that we are experiencing right now. In our life, it can seem that there is so much to worry about and be anxious over, especially in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, and so now more than ever it is important to distinguish between outer problems and situations, and the inner problem of our uncontrolled and turbulent mind.

Genuine Happiness

In this episode, Dassetu introduces the Samadhi Podcast and discusses a core Buddhist theme: Genuine Happiness. The desire to be happy and free from any form of discomfort or suffering is a desire common to all sentient beings; from small insects to animals, to humans. But, despite this desire and all our efforts, have we really found the happiness, fulfilment and contentment that we seek? Why does this happiness seem so elusive?

Are mindfulness and meditation the same thing?

Have you ever wondered whether you were using the words mindfulness or meditation correctly? It’s no surprise as there is a lot of confusion over the terms mindfulness and meditation, with some people using them interchangeably, and some people using the term mindfulness meditation. Because of this, one thing people often ask is: are mindfulness and meditation the same thing?